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We have opened up our website filter service to South African homes. Block access to adult and malicious websites on your home WiFi network. This service will be available free of charge for the next 3 months, with no registration required. During this unprecedented time, we're doing our part to assist South African parents with children studying from home.

The Idea

While the world enters into shutdown over Covid-19, our country and leadership have responded effectively to best attempt the flattening of the infection curve. This response, with the inclusion of school closures, requires children to complete their studies from home. To support parents at home, we have decided to open our online filtering service to our fellow South Africans free of charge for use on their home wifi network for a limited period.

Typically we would require you to sign up, however in this case we are not going to ask you to do so. We believe a transparent solution to a crisis in an unprecedented time should not involve capture of a client base. You can therefore make use of our service without us knowing who you are. To ensure all South Africans benefit, we ask you to be responsible and configure only those devices that need to be protected.

After the 3 month period, we will re-evaluate the situation and pull the service down. Please submit your email address below if you would like to stay informed regarding service status and changes.

South African Government's COVID-19 information page at

Service Communication

Optional, in order for us to communicate any service changes over the next three months, please provide your email address.

What's included?

We offer 64 website categories and a number of other reporting services. For this free service however we have simplified to the following:

Services included

  • Block, Malicious websites
  • Block, Adult websites
  • Block, Phishing websites
  • Enable, Google safe search - redirecting google requests to Google's Safe Search Engine
  • Enable YouTube Restricted mode - help filter out potentially mature content

Services not included

  • 64 website categories, multiple networks
  • Web reports, PDF reports, logs, block alerts
  • Login portal and custom configuration
  • Reseller channel, customer configuration management
  • Reseller branding, subscription management

How To?

The typical setup requires you to change the settings on your home router to cover all devices using your home's internet connection. For this free service and ease of setup we have opted for settings you can apply directly to your child's computer, ipad, phone or tablet.

To setup filtering please select your device from the list below and follow the onscreen instructions. To disable the service you can follow the same instructions.


Zvelo Logo

zvelo is a leading provider of web content classification and detection of objectionable, malicious and threat detection services with a mission of making the Internet safer and more secure. zvelo is proud to sponsor and support the efforts of The Packet Hub to provide a safe remote/distance learning experience for families with children and students impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

If you would like to become a sponsor of this initiative, please complete the contact us form below.

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Fair Usage Policy

We will be doing our best to ensure fair usage of the service. If we detect excessive queries originating from your home network, your IP will be blocked. Please be fair and do not abuse the service so that all South African's may benefit. Note, this service will not be available outside of South Africa.

Please apply settings only to those devices which your children use so as to minimise load on our systems.

Frquently Asked Questions

This is a DNS filtering service and requires adding our DNS server IP's on the device you want to protect in your home. There is no app installation required. Our DNS servers are and Please see the 'How To' section for details on how to update your device.

You can but ideally you would only want to apply the settings to those computer devices your child has access to. The full featured product requires a change on your home router which then protects all devices in your home automatically, however this free service will be per device only.

No, only the device that is configured with these two DNS servers will be protected. The rest of your network and devices will remain as it is currently.

Yes it is for the 3 month period, no strings attached. All we ask is that you use the service responsibly and you make sure you submit your email address so we can communicate any changes to the service with you.

This is a free solution and we will do our best to support where possible. In all likelihood, we will be flooded with emails and therefore will take a while to get back to you. The first option would be to ask that guy in the family or close circle of friends who talks geek for help. Failing that please use the contact form below.

We are only asking for your email address so we can communicate service updates and changes with you.

Submitting your email address is optional, however we do encourage you to do so otherwise you may miss out on important notifications regarding service changes. Your email address will be safe with us, we we will not share it with anyone.

Simply remove our DNS settings and set your DNS settings back to their original settings. You can basically reverse the settings as applied in the 'How to Section'.

Yes but you will need to update the DNS settings to make use of our DNS server for any additional WiFi networks you connect to.

No this service is will only work on your home WiFi network.

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