Windows 10 Set UpWindows pc or laptop

Apply settings only to the devices you want to protect.

Select WiFi Network

Click on the Wifi icon located on your taskbar. This is typically located on the bottom right of the screen. Once selected, click Open Network & Internet Settings. If you are unable to locate the Wifi icon on your taskbar then navigate to Control Panel and click on Network & Internet

Change adapter options

Select Change Adapter Options.

View your wifi network settings

Right click on your wifi network and select Properties.

Select your network IP settings

Click Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4) , make sure you don’t select IPv6 and then select Properties.

Update DNS Servers

  • If you have any existing DNS servers configured, please remove those.
  • In the General tab, click on the radio button 'Use the following DNS server addresses'
  • Add our free DNS server IP's and
  • Once added click OK.

Save Settings

Click OK to save settings.

Confirm filtering is working

On the device you applied the settings, visit to confirm the settings have been applied correctly and filtering is working.